Albany Doctors Help Relieve Upper Back Pain!


Hey Folks, meet Ali!  Ali was experiencing neck/upper back pain which caused tingling and pain to radiate into the right arm and hand.  She reported that anytime she took a deep breath in, the pain would get worse. All movements were very painful, and she was even having trouble sleeping. This is very problematic since she is a photographer.  Her mom, a current patient at Kinkaid Family Chiropractic, recommended that she make an appointment.

After a thorough consultation, examination, and x-rays, Dr. Seaver was able to confirm Ali’s diagnosis! Ali had a rib that was misaligned in the upper portion of her back. This is a diagnosis that is commonly missed since most health care professionals don’t correct osseous misalignments. A misaligned rib can cause sharp and excruciating pain with symptoms that radiate into the arms.

Dr. Seaver performed chiropractic adjustments specific to rib misalignments to help get Ali on her way to feeling better.  After 3 treatments, Ali’s pain had decrease significantly, and she was able to sleep better, continue her photography career at Alexandria Marie Photography, and get back to living her life!