Pregnant Cohoes Woman Rushed to the Emergency Room!


Alex was 30 weeks pregnant when she realized something was
really WRONG. Her left leg went totally numb four times, without
notice, and gave out from underneath her while she was standing. 
Luckily for Alex and her unborn son, a family member was close
enough to catch her each time. 

Later that day, Alex began experiencing excruciating sharp, stabbing
pain in her lower back and abdomen and she was unable to walk. 
Family members carried Alex to their vehicle and she was rushed to
the ER. Alex reported that on the way to the ER her mom was
frantic, fearing the worst; and her husband was undoubtable
speeding, contemplating whether his wife and newborn baby would be okay.

The emergency room Doctors suggested that she begin bedrest. She was told that
her baby moved and was sitting on a nerve which caused the numbness in her leg as well as the severe, sharp, stabbing pain. Alex was in far too much pain to be bedridden with no solution for relief.

Alex decided to go to Kinkaid Family Chiropractic, where the doctors specialize in prenatal care. Thankfully, they were able to adjust Alex’s spine, which turned out to be the exact solution that Alex needed. The adjustment gave the baby the room he needed to move off of the pinched nerve. Alex became much more comfortable and the numbness in her leg stopped immediately after that visit, and best of all, her baby was fine and Alex was NOT bedridden!

Alex is VERY happy with the results she received from chiropractic care, and she is hopeful that her story will inspire others to visit Kinkaid Family Chiropractic if they suffer from similar complaints.