Chiropractic Care Helps with Arm Numbness!

Kristen is a care manager with NYS Department of Health.  Kristen was experiencing neck pain that was causing her to have numbness and weakness into the left arm.  Kristen was also experiencing headaches almost daily, and migraines at least three times per month. She was having trouble using her arm and hand at work when she was typing on her computer, she even had trouble driving her car.  She started to think there was something very serious going on, and even sought out evaluations from other specialists to see if she had a brain tumor or any other neurological condition. Kristen heard about Kinkaid Family Chiropractic from a friend, and then heard an advertisement on 100.9 The Cat.  Kristen took this as a sign, and she decided to try Kinkaid Family Chiropractic as a last resort.

At Kristen’s first appointment, she sat down with Dr. Ashley Busse to discuss her health history, her concerns, and her reason for seeking out chiropractic care.  Dr. Busse quickly calmed her worries, and started the exam process. Kristen’s exam started with a series of x-rays of her neck, followed by muscle testing, orthopedic testing, and a chiropractic evaluation.  Upon review of the x-rays, Dr. Busse noted that the normal curvature in Kristen’s neck was reversed. This meant that there was significant pressure being placed on the nerves in her neck that go down into her arm all the way to her hand.  This was the major cause of the numbness, weakness, neck pain, headaches, and migraines that Kristen was experiencing. Kristen felt relieved to know that she was in the right place, and her symptoms could be alleviated through chiropractic care.

Kristen’s first visit was on August 21, 2018.  On September 10, 2018, after several treatments with Dr. Busse and Dr. Kinkaid, Kristen had zero numbness in her left arm or her hand for the first time in months.  Kristen continues to experience the many benefits of chiropractic care including a reduction in the frequency and severity of her headaches and migraines, and she has regained full feeling and strength in her left arm!  

At Kinkaid Family Chiropractic there are two providers, Dr. Jessica Kinkaid and Dr. Ashley Busse.  Both doctors have experience helping patients with neck pain that causes other symptoms like tingling, numbness, or pain into the arms, along with patients that experience headaches and migraines.  Kristen is beyond happy with her results, and wanted to share her story in hopes of helping others that have similar symptoms find answers and relief.