Albany Doctors Help Relieve Shoulder Pain!


Hey folks, meet Jeremy!

Jeremy is in sales, and is in charge of four different states.  Needless to say, he does a lot of driving for work. Jeremy was suffering from neck pain and shoulder impingement that was creating shoulder pain and elbow pain.  He noticed it was affecting his golf game and even his handshake. He was also having a lot of low back pain. After seeing some of the success stories (just like this one) on Facebook, he decided to give Kinkaid Family Chiropractic a call.  

At Jeremy’s initial visit, Dr. Busse recommended a series of x-rays for his low back and his neck. When they sat down together to review them, there were a few things that were discovered. It turns out that the normal curvature in Jeremy’s neck was straightened out!  This was causing a lot of additional stress on the nerves in the neck that go down the arm into the hand. This was part of the explanation as to why Jeremy was having a lot of neck pain and arm pain.   Another interesting finding on Jeremy’s x-rays was that he had an extra lumbar vertebra! This is a relatively common anomaly. In Jeremy’s case, this extra bone was causing some pinching of the nerves in his low back, which caused pain to radiate into his hamstrings.

After having several treatments by both Dr. Busse and Dr. Kinkaid, Jeremy noticed that his low back, neck, and even his shoulder and elbow were improving significantly.  After about 1 month of care, Jeremy was able to golf, use a firm handshake, and drive from state to state without pain.

At Kinkaid Family Chiropractic there are two providers, Dr. Jessica Kinkaid and Dr. Ashley Busse. Both chiropractors have helped numerous patients with similar symptoms to Jeremy’s. Jeremy is very happy with his results and wanted to share his story in hopes that he can help someone else; just like previous patient’s success stories helped him find Kinkaid Family Chiropractic!