Rotterdam man recovers use of his right side!

Jason was out of town on a business trip and went to sleep feeling fine. Little did he know, he would wake up the next morning and his strength would be completely gone on his right side. Jason immediately thought that he had a stroke, how scary!

Jason states that he couldn’t wash his hair or even lift his arm to put on deodorant. He reflects on a memory of a day when he had to use his left arm to lift up the right arm, leaning it against the wall so that he could put deodorant on. He states that shortly after the debilitating weakness, he developed severe shoulder and lower back pain and began to have very severe migraines, daily.

Jason went to 5 different doctors, including a neurologist where they informed him that he did not have a stroke and there were no identifiable neurologic issues. Each of the doctors were puzzled as to what could have caused a seemingly healthy man to have such abrupt and severe symptoms. Jason went to a physical therapist for 6 weeks but did not see much notable improvement. He still had severe weakness many months later. When he first went back to work, he was unable to carry his suitcase with the right arm and in order to put his suitcase in the car, he would have to fling it with his body.

Jason scheduled his first appointment at Kinkaid Family Chiropractic. During the examination, Dr. Jessica Kinkaid found diminished strength, range of motion, and several structural problems which were causing a pinched nerve. After several months of muscle weakness and favoring the right side, there was a lot of work to do!

On Jason’s third visit, the spinal column straightened out enough to take pressure off of the pinched nerves and Jason immediately noted pain relief. The next day, Jason demonstrated how he could easily take his right arm and lift it all the way to the ceiling. Things improved very quickly after that, each adjustment provided more relief, increased mobility and strength. After just a few adjustments, Jason felt like he had his life back again and his wife felt like she got her husband back.