Local Chiropractors Help Albany Woman with Dowager’s hump


Hey Folks, meet Lisa!

Lisa is a cyclist in the Capital Region, a member of the local color guard, and she’s an avid gardener. Lisa owns her own business, Clear Spaces Organizing, where she helps families declutter their homes and teaches them the skills that they need to keep their homes that way. She also works part time at Albany Sewing Machine Center. Lisa has been suffering with unexplained neck pain which radiates into both arms with frequent numbness and tingling. She knew that something had to change when these symptoms started to interfere with her job(s) as well as her personal life. Lisa sought care at Kinkaid Family Chiropractic where Dr. Jessica Kinkaid was able to identify the Dowager’s Hump and help her take care of it.

Dr. Jessica Kinkaid took the time to get to know Lisa. It appears that a lot of her hobbies such as sewing, cycling, spinning a rifle in the drum corps, organizing, and gardening require her shoulders to be rolled forward and/or her head to be down. Over time, these repetitive movements have created a Dowager’s Hump in between her lower neck and upper back.

Both Dr. Kinkaid and Dr. Busse have worked with Lisa, discussing the importance of good posture, stretching, strengthening and consistent chiropractic care. Since beginning care, the appearance of her Dowager’s hump is notably reduced. As the hump reduces in size, Lisa’s symptoms of neck pain into the arms with frequent numbness continue to reduce.

Side note: At Kinkaid Family Chiropractic, there are two providers, Dr. Jessica Kinkaid and Dr. Ashley Busse. Both of our providers have a specialty in prenatal and postpartum care. A Dowager’s hump is a very common finding postpartum. Frequently holding a newborn baby, nursing, and falling asleep in the recliner are all things that cause rounding of the shoulders and a head down position, which seems to very quickly create the hump. Both of our providers have helped many patients with Dowager’s Humps.