Guilderland Doctor gets rid of migraines and chest pain in one visit!


Hey Folks, meet Cindy! 
Cindy is a school teacher who found Kinkaid Family Chiropractic through another patients success story. Cindy had two severe symptoms which were misdiagnosed by 3 local doctors.

First, Cindy had been suffering with severe daily MIGRAINES which would make her seek a dark, quiet room. She reports that she has left work early before due to the severity of her migraines. She was unable to function properly and continue her work and home life the way that she intended to and she was in need of some help.

Second, Cindy also has a 6-month history of chest pains on the left side. She was very worried about the possibility of having a heart attack and she had been to 3 specialists in the past 6 months who couldn’t find anything wrong with her heart and told her that she would have to live with the pain. Cindy was hesitant to try Chiropractic care but based on the many success stories on Kinkaid Family Chiropractic’s Facebook page, she decided to give Dr. Kinkaid’s office a try.

After a history and examination, Dr. Jessica Kinkaid was quickly able to identify the problem for BOTH, Cindy’s migraines AND her chest pain. After just one visit, Cindy was mostly pain free. Her migraines were caused by a misaligned bone in the upper part of her neck. The bone was rotated in a way that it put pressure on the brain stem, partially blocking blood flow and nerve flow to the brain and spinal cord. Doctor Kinkaid was able to gently adjust Cindy’s neck and put the bone back in the correct position which in turn took pressure off of the nerves and arteries, bringing more oxygen to the brain and ultimately getting rid of Cindy’s headaches.

Dr. Kinkaid also very quickly identified that the cause of Cindy’s chest pain was that she had a rib head which was misaligned. The rib head connects to the sternum and is held in by cartilage. Cartilage has poor blood supply, so if it gets stretched out (often by heavy coughing or a fall), the rib head will become misaligned, which, like in Cindy’s case, can cause symptoms very similar to a heart attack.  Cindy is very happy with her results and she is hopeful that this post will inspire someone to visit Kinkaid Family Chiropractic if you need some help.