Altamont woman suffers with pregnancy related pain until Chiropractic miracle!


Nicole is a happy, energetic, and inspiring woman from Altamont, who will soon become a really awesome mom. She has gone many steps beyond the norm during her pregnancy to ensure the well-being of herself and her growing baby girl. Nicole enjoys yoga, has a healthy diet, gets massages regularly and loves to hike.

Nicole recently began experiencing bilateral groin pain that was sharp and stabbing with each movement. Unfortunately, her pain had started to prevent her from continuing her exercise routine throughout her pregnancy. Nicole’s midwife referred her to Kinkaid Family Chiropractic, which is a Chiropractic office in Guilderland that specializes in pregnancy. During Nicole’s initial consultation, she revealed that she had a surgical fusion of the bones L4-L5 in her lower back. While examining Nicole, Doctor Jessica Kinkaid detected reduced motion in her lower back, muscle weakness in one of her legs and rotation of her pelvis.

After just one spinal adjustment, Nicole experienced significant relief of all of her pregnancy related symptoms. She reports that the sharp pains in her groin are gone and her range of motion has been restored, allowing her to put her shoes on much more easily! Nicole is confident that Kinkaid Family Chiropractic will continue to provide her the relief that she needs during the remainder of her pregnancy. Nicole wants other pregnant women to hear her story and know that there is help out there so that they don’t have to “put up with” the pain.

Side note: Nicole’s favorite memory is of her and her husband hiking to the top of Mount Jo, where he proposed to her! Now they are naming their baby girl “Josie” in honor of their beautiful memory from Mount Jo!