Albany man experiences life changing results from Chiropractic care!

Brian photo.jpg

Brian has a very active life style which involves exercising 5x/week, martial arts and traveling. When Brian was 24 years old he inexplicably started to lose muscle strength and began having pain in his knees and elbows. He went to many specialists and left even more puzzled and frustrated than he was when he came in. As Brian’s strength decreased, his girlfriend’s workload at home began to increase. Brian was unable to lift a basket of laundry or push a vacuum. He couldn't play video games, guitar, or even throw a punch in his martial arts class. He stopped going to the supermarket (being unable to lift the grocery bags), had to avoid taking the stairs, and couldn’t walk for more than 5 minutes without sitting due to the newfound pain in his knees.

After 8 months, Brian got so weak that he states he could not even push a door open anymore. He was totally dependent on his girlfriend, and he hated it. Brian gained a lot of weight due to this sedentary lifestyle. He couldn't go to the gym, or his martial arts classes, and the pain sometimes prevented him from driving his car. He went to work with either ice/hot packs wrapped around his arms and legs, or with compression sleeves. Brian tried 3 different types of shoes, all with no success.

Brian has been to urgent care, his primary care physician, physical therapy, and a sports specialist, but at each appointment he left without any answers or improvement. The sports specialist told Brian to try a Chiropractor. Brian was very hesitant to try chiropractic care since x-rays revealed that his bones appeared normal. But desperate times call for desperate measures, so he decided to give it a try. Brian had built up scar tissue and several structural misalignments that were not visible on x-ray. He started to notice significant improvement after only 3-4 visits with the chiropractor.

Fast forward 2 years- Brian has gained back all of his strength, has resumed his martial arts training, travels, and exercises regularly again. He still goes to the Chiropractor for maintenance care, and he recommends chiropractic care to absolutely everyone. Chiropractic care has given him his mobility back, and he couldn't be happier. He feels amazing, and is so thankful that he found a solution.

Side note: Brian’s girlfriend, who stuck with him during this difficult time, and carried the laundry baskets for him when he couldn’t… they’re getting married in August 2018 and Brian is beyond excited to CARRY HER over the threshold!